Emily VanCamp details the real reasons she’s leaving ‘The Resident’

Emily VanCamp

The medical drama “The Resident” on Fox is where actress Emily VanCamp is most well-known for playing Nicolette Nevin. Despite the fact that she portrays one of the series’ key characters, the artist recently announced her leaving. The causes of her leaving the program will then be revealed to you.

On September 21, “The Resident’s” fifth season was shown on the Fox network. The third chapter of the series, “The Long and Winding Road,” was released on October 5, 2021.

Along with this episode came Emily’s leaving from the cast, who was best remembered for her role as Nic. She had minor wounds from the unexpected car accident that brought her right to the hospital. This resulted in her presence not being seen in the Fox production anymore, leaving Conrad ( Matt Czuchry ) a widower and single.

The decision was made to end Nic Nevin’s story with an emotional episode in which the nurse died in a car accident and was fired by the whole hospital staff where the story takes place because Emily VanCamp left the show after four seasons.


The actress, who is married to Josh Bowman (whom she met while filming Revenge), has now explained her decision to quit the fictional world in which she co-stars with Matt Czuchry. Nic Nevin, a nurse, is actually leaving for a personal reason: she gave birth recently, a situation she also went through for this Fox production. 

“Doing The Resident was a pleasure. It’s common to hear of people quitting a show due to a negative incident or unfavorable energy. However, the situation here is completely the reverse. This choice was difficult for everyone, but it was the best one because there is nothing but love and respect for me personally. I am grateful to have received understanding and compassion,” she explained.

The actress has also said that because she has worked for the same company for a long time, her priorities have changed over time. According to Emily, every woman and every person has a period when their priorities shift from job to family, and this is exactly what happened to her while she was filming this series. “With so many episodes being recorded in a separate city and all that happened following Covid-19, the majority of us were unable to visit our family for about a year. It truly caused me to consider that my current focus is on my family” she said.

The protagonist of the American fiction has also expressed how it was to combine her true pregnancy with that of the series, which although they did not coincide at the same time, allowed her not to be noticed in the first months. ” It was very interesting to be almost even, especially since I am very secretive about my family life, so I was wearing a prosthesis on my belly. We were able to keep our privacy regarding the pregnancy and enjoy having something exclusive to us. It was lovely to enjoy some solitude ” she commented later.

Emily also wanted to express her gratitude to her co-star for all of the support he has given her over the past four years since the two of them have grown to be close friends as well. In addition to Matt Czuchry, viewers who have seen the couple’s development over the course of more than 70 episodes are also mentioned, along with “the nurses who work diligently for their patients.” Se wrote on his social media profile, alongside several hearts, “Your patience, determination, and dedication inspired this character, and I am honored to have played a very small role to tell your stories.” She also said that he already misses Nic Nevin and that she is very appreciative of all the people she has met and all the stories she has been told.

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