Where Was Twilight Filmed? Discover the film location here

Where Was the Twilight Filmed

Mysterious films about vampires were, at one time, in great demand among girls. One of these projects was “Twilight”, while the release of each part of the franchise was accompanied by a huge hype. The scale of the shooting was appropriate: a large number of special effects, world-class actors, and other professionals on the set. By the way, the film “Twilight” was based on a book by Stephenie Meyer, a successful American writer. Keep reading and discover how the film “Twilight” was filmed and what was left behind the scenes.

Where Was Twilight Filmed?

In which country was the popular movie saga filmed? However, like the rest, the shooting of the first part took place in the United States of America. Washington and Oregon are the states where the filmmakers filmed the most scenes. Interestingly, on their border is the educational institution Kalama High School, better known to fans of the franchise as Forks High. But still, in which city was the film “Twilight” filmed? Edward Cullen’s house is located in the town of St. Helens; there is also an alley where the bandits in the film attack the girl.

However, the Cullens’ first home was in Vancouver, with completely different houses in each episode. Many nature scenes were filmed in Portland. Incredibly beautiful in the film looked the terrace “Stone Cliff Inn”, located on a hilltop. This is where the event from the movie took place, where Edward Cullen demonstrates how his body glows. 

How All Parts of the Twilight Saga Filmed?

The year 2008 in the film industry was remembered by many for its first part. She was released on November 20 and gathered a large number of admirers among the female audience. 

The part was portrayed by the teenage actress Kristen Stewart, who gained considerable notoriety as a result of the part. A fairly extensive casting process was used for Edward Cullen’s role. Even Henry Cavill was a possibility, but Robert Pattinson ultimately won the role of Edward. According to rumors, he was chosen for this role by the producers of the movie “Twilight” after they saw Cedric Diggory in the film “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” Nikki Reed, an actress, played Rosalie in “Twilight.” We believe that the reader now has a better understanding of how “Twilight” was produced.

The second film in the franchise, called New Moon, was directed by Chris Weitz in 2009. There were wolves in this part, and one of them was played by Taylor Lautner. His character, Jacob, was quite pumped up, and the actor also had to go to the gym to build up his muscles and look much more powerful.

2010 was also quite a significant year for Twilight fans. This year, the third picture from the entire epic, which was called “Eclipse”, came out. The director was the notorious David Slade, who already had good experience of shooting films about vampires. The fact is that in 2007, he shot “30 Days of Night”, but it was a horror film, not a melodrama. Some viewers wanted to see David’s pictures, which in many ways would be similar to the horror film he shot, but unfortunately they got the next “Twilight,” which, of course, pleased the fans of the franchise.

And the final part of the whole epic was also filmed by director Bill Condon. It was called “Dawn. Part 2” and was released in wide release in 2012. In this part, Bella turns into a vampire, while she begins to behave much more confidently. Her habits and behavior in general are noticeably modified. In this part, a large number of special effects and computer graphics were superimposed on Renesmee. The filmmakers wanted to show her at the age of 10, and a little later, at the age of 18. Film critics believe that the last part turned out to be the most spectacular of all.

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