What Does ‘FS’ Mean?

What Does ‘FS’ Mean

If someone’s ever sent you “FS” in response to your messages, you should consider it a good sign. Here’s what this initialism means and how to use it in your texts.

For Sure

FS can indicate a variety of things, but it most usually refers to the phrase “for sure.” It’s an initialism that roughly translates to “certainly,” as in positively answering someone’s query or strongly asserting your ideas. If someone asks if you’re going to a party next weekend, for example, you may respond, “FS, I wouldn’t miss it.” To show how firmly you feel in a sports position, you might say, “I think the Bucks are winning, FS.” This initialism can be written in both capital and lowercase letters, but the lowercase variant is far more prevalent nowadays. You could get this mixed up with other acronyms that appear similar, such as “FFS,” which stands for “for fuck’s sake.” There’s also the word “fr,” which means “for real.”  FS and FR can have similar definitions depending on what kind of context you use them in.

The Origin of FS

FS, unlike the other acronyms we’ve discussed, is a relatively new invention. It dates back to the mid-2010s when direct messaging apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram DMs became popular. The first definition of FS as “for sure” in the internet slang archive Urban Dictionary is from 2016, and it simply says “for sure.”

Along with phrases like NP and BB, it’s part of a recent trend of exceedingly short acronyms that gained prominence in the 2010s. People are always seeking methods to save an extra keystroke while sending messages, especially now that the majority of our internet interactions take place on phones. Of course, the fact that FS is a versatile acronym that you may use in a variety of contexts, from confirming arrangements with a buddy to declaring your position forcefully, helps. Nowadays, you’ll usually discover FS in friends’ private messages. It may also be found in community-based internet chatrooms like Discord, as well as social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Enthusiastic Agreement

People usually utilize FS in one of two ways: as a single reply or to highlight the rest of the message. You may use “FS” on its own to express strong agreement with someone. You might use “fs” to indicate that you want to spend more time with someone when they respond, “We should hang out someday.” It can also be used to back up someone else’s point of view. If your friend says, “I think the rain sucks,” you might respond with “FS” to confirm their dislike of the weather.

It can also be attached at the conclusion of a message to give confidence or to emphasize a point. “This play will be so fantastic, fs,” you may say in a message attempting to persuade your buddies to watch a play with you.

Other FS Definitions

There are a few additional FS initialisms that you may look up on the internet besides “for sure.” The most prevalent is “For Sale,” which is commonly used in online markets and e-commerce environments. This is especially prevalent for ads when it isn’t clear if someone wants to purchase, sell, or rent anything out right away. In real estate listings, for example, it’s common to have to specify that a property is “for sale” or FS, as opposed to other properties that can be leased.

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