50 Friendship Sayings That Will Remind You Of The Value Of True Friendship


Without friends, what would life be like? Without a doubt, only half as nice! The greatest friendship quotes that bring to mind our loved ones are those we have gathered.

Friendship is beneficial—this has now even been demonstrated scientifically. According to a study with over 300,000 participants, prioritizing friendships improves general health and well-being. Therefore, it’s high time we accepted the value of our friends and expressed our appreciation for them. Here are 50 sayings about friendship that will help you remember the importance of genuine friendship.

Sayings about the meaning of friendship

  • “It’s called friendship because you can do anything with friends!”


  • “Friendship doesn’t have to be perfect. Just real.”


  • “There are people who just fit right into the heart!”


  • “Friends are people who don’t show you the way, but walk it with you.”


  • “You crazy, I crazy, a perfect team!”


  • “Friends are the family you choose.”


  • “You don’t have to look for friends. They find each other.”


  • “Friendship is like wealth: easier to create than to keep.”


  • “Make time for your friends, otherwise time will take your friends.”

Quotes about friendship with benefits

  • “Friendship warms the soul when the sun hides again.”


  • “A friend is someone who sees your smile and yet feels that your soul is crying.”


  • “It’s nice to know someone with whom you can forget the seriousness of life in the midst of having fun!”


  • “Friendship is like magic, making good times better and bad times are forgotten.”


  • “Friendship is a door between two people. It can sometimes get stuck, it can creak, but it’s never locked.”


  • “Always telling the truth probably doesn’t make you many friends. But it does make the right ones.”


Friendship sayings about true friends

  • “There are friends. There are families. And there are friends who become family.”


  • “True friends tend to stumble into your life by accident and then stay on purpose.”


  • “Always telling the truth probably doesn’t make you many friends. But it does make the right ones.”


  • “A true friend is someone you can think out loud in front of.”


  • “Good friends are like diamonds. Precious, rare and unique.”


  • “True friends will dance with you in the rain instead of waiting for the sun.”


Friendship sayings about friendship at a distance

  • “True friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s about being able to be apart and nothing changes.”


  • “If the friendship is real, then the distance doesn’t matter.”


  • “Hooray for these friends, who you see far too seldom, but with whom every meeting feels like you’ve never been apart.”


  • “Friendship is when you feel like you just met yesterday when you see each other for the first time in a long time.”


  • “Friends are like stars: you can’t always see them, but they are always there for you.”


Long friendship quotes

  • “A good friend knows all your best stories. A best friend shared them with you.”


  • “There are friends in life and there are friends for life!”


  • “Friends are like stamps. They become more valuable the longer you have them.”


  • “Friends can grow apart without drifting apart.”


  • “The best memories come from bad ideas shared with best friends.”


  • “We’ll stay friends until we grow old and forgetful. And then we can be friends again!”

Friendship quotes about disappointments

  • “False friends are often necessary in order to recognize true friends.”


  • “In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silences of our friends.”


  • “A friendship that ends never began.”


  • “You can tell a person’s true character by how they treat you when they no longer need you.”


  • “Friendship is like a rubber band that two people hold tight. If one lets go, it hurts the other.”


  • “Fake friends believe rumors. True friends believe in you.”


  • “Be kind to fake friends and real enemies because there’s nothing that annoys them more.”


  • “Fake friends come and go. True friends last forever.”


Friendship sayings from big names

  • “Rich are only those who have true friends.” (Thomas Fuller, British historian)


  • “Friendship, that is one soul in two bodies.” (Aristotle, philosopher)


  • “The friends you can call at four in the morning that count.” (Marlene Dietrich, actress)


  • “A little friendship is worth more to me than the admiration of the whole world.” (Otto von Bismarck, politician)


  • “Friendship is like home.” (Kurt Tucholsky, Author)


  • “Friends are gardens to rest in.” (Antoine de Saint Exupéry, French author of The Little Prince )


  • “Generosity is the essence of friendship.” (Oscar Wilde, British author)


  • “Words only connect where our wavelengths have long coincided.” (Max Frisch, Author)


  • “Happiness is the only thing that doubles when shared.” (Albert Schweitzer, philosopher and theologian)


  • “A true friend is one who comes to us when the rest of the world is turning away.” (Walter Winchell, American journalist)

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